Project Area Z/INF


Project Z02

Analysis of Natural Products in Complex Biosystems - Multimodal Photonic-Based Investigations, Metabolomics and MALDI-Imaging 


Multimodal photonic and spectroscopic imaging approaches as well as MALDI-imaging mass spectrometry are developed and offered to enable the localization of chemical mediators within or around producers or within complex communities. In addition, a metabolomics platform is offered to obtain information about the regulation of metabolic processes in interactions. The central role of this project within the CRC is to provide all CRC members access to a broad variety of spectroscopic, photonic and MS-based approaches to investigate chemical mediators.

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Project INF

Information Infrastructure/ Chem- and Bioinformatics


Project area INF will manage the storage, archiving, and standardized analyses of experimental high-throughput data generated within the consortium. It will ensure that the data generated within ChemBioSys will be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reproducible (FAIR) both by researchers within the consortium as well as by scientists world-wide as soon as the consortium has decided to publicly release certain datasets. Additionally, the development of the natural products database COCONUT and of an integrated solution for the dereplication and de-novo structure elucidation will be pursued. 

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